Our primary service, first and foremost, is dog walking, which we call our Group Adventure Hikes. All our walks are on open space trails and fire roads, you’ll never see us in a residential neighborhood, multi-use asphalt path or dog park. We are outdoors people at heart and so are your pups, so we take them on a variety of trails on Mt. Tamalpias, GGNRA, and open space trails in Tiburon. We walk dogs in packs of up to six dogs, where each dog is carefully assessed before selected to join the best pack for their energy requirements, while maintaining a happy and healthy environment of temperaments.

Our pack walks are structured in the following way:

  • Time for sniffing and potty breaks – sniffing releases doggy endorphins for happiness.
  • A structured walk – this is great to relieve mental energy as well as physical energy.
  • Supervised play (when appropriate) – great for burning off extra energy and having fun!


We are proud to offer fun and fulfilling walks, for our furry friends come rain or shine!

Client-Only Add-On Services

Having a Dog Butler Service, doesn’t just end with amazing hikes for your four legged companions, we want to be there for you and your pup to help in any way we can. *The following services are exclusively available to clients who are signed up for regular weekly walks. 

Groomer Visits

We schedule regular groomer visits, with Doggie Styles in Mill Valley, and offer a taxi service to and from your home. We take all the hassle out of scheduling your pups’ haircuts or baths, and all the waiting around time at the groomers. We simply pick your pup up from your home, take them to the groomer, and then we bring them home are their pampering, smelling great and looking a million dollars!

Dog Washing

Dogs will be dogs, and now and again, fortunately rarely, they cannot resist rolling in something nasty on their hike. If this happens, will wash them ourselves, or take them to the groomer at no cost to you.

Dog Boarding

Whether it's just for a night or for long term stay. Your pup will board in a home environment where they’ll get to enjoy their own vacation. They'll join their regular pack walk, have additional furry friends to keep them company, and have access to lots of toys for play and fun.

Puppy Home Visits

Looking for your pup to join a regular dog walking service, but they're currently too young? We offer puppy visits for play, feeding and potty breaks until they're ready to join the pack.


*This service is only available to clients with the intention of signing up for regular walks when their puppy is old enough.

Vet Visits

When you don't have flexibility in your schedule to take your dog to the vet, whether for routine vaccinations or unforeseen treatments, we're here to help. We take care of scheduling their appointment, pick up and drop off from your home, and provide you with feedback from the vet.