Who We Are

Dedicated Dog Professionals

Walking, boarding, groomer visits and so much more! The Tiburon Dog Butler and the team offer the best pet care service in Marin! So, what makes us top dog?

1. We have years of experience working with dogs of all sizes, ages, temperaments, and abilities.

2. We are Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded, and we obtain annual Commercial Dog Walking Permits from The Town of Tiburon, GGNRA and Marin County Parks and Open Space, allowing us to take your pups on fun adventures on the beautiful open space trails Marin County has to offer.

3. We genuinely care and are dog lovers at heart. Everyone is a true dog lover. We are also very proud of our Dog Butler family and ensure everyone is treated with respect and rewarded for their hard work. We only hire full time employees and offer the best compensation package, including PTO, holiday pay, sick pay and a 401K. All employees go through formal dog training and are required to pass a 90-day probation period initially working directly with Will Lane, owner, and Head Dog Butler. Our aim is to build a family, so you and your pups can have the same walker for years and years to come, trust that person, and get to know them. We are SO grateful to have such an amazing team. Jenny, Trevor, Mike, Eddie, Alex and Dan are awesome, exceptionally talented and caring people inside and out.

4. You and your dog’s safety are our top priority – we use new vans specifically converted for our discerning four-legged clients. Car safety is very important to us – each van is fitted with a safety barrier to prevent accidents while on the move, travel crates, a rubber floor liner, roof vents to suck fresh air in or suck hot air out, a first aid kit, and of course they have air conditioning for those hot days. Best of all it’s an easy step into the vehicle because we are lower to the ground than a truck, meaning your dog’s joints are taken care of by reducing long term injuries. And, because hygiene is also very important to us, each van is professionally cleaned, sanitized and thoroughly detailed every 4 weeks or less.

5. Simplified and streamlined. Our dog walking software offers a suite of online and mobile tools that will allow our team at Tiburon Dog Butler to access and manage client and pet information, appointment scheduling, and billing, even when we are on the go. Each client has their own account, allowing them to manage their personal information and their dogs profile, including vaccination details. Our clients can view, book, and cancel services directly through their account. We even offer auto pay for monthly invoices to make life easy.

A note from Will Lane

I started Tiburon Dog Butler back in 2014 after spending six years fostering for a dog charity in the UK. The time I spent fostering was so valuable. I worked with dogs with severe behavioral issues, helping them adjust to a normal family home. Behavioral issues require so much more human energy to alleviate, it’s often not something that can be ‘trained’ out of a dog. A lot of patience and calm energy is needed. This prior experience has helped me immensely to understand dog psychology, and it has given me the knowledge and tools to effectively manage dogs of all temperaments, carefully placing each one into the right pack. We feel that pack placement is such an important element of pack walking.

My mission is to provide a premium dog walking service (with extras) where both dog and human needs are met with the highest standards.

Another goal was to cover a very small service area. I observed that many other companies covered several cities in Marin, resulting in dogs being in a vehicle for more time than I felt comfortable with. Hence, Tiburon Dog Butler was born! Consequently, it was a slower start building the client base, purely taking on clients in Tiburon only, but so worth it for the sake of the pups, especially in the warmer months. Plus, who wants to be stuck on Marin County roads all day when you could be on the trails! Since then, we’ve expanded to also cover Mill Valley with the same goal, our employees who cover Mill Valley, only cover Mill Valley.

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